The new album is coming some time this year. But we’re still bumping Drake’s impromptu mixtape album If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. It broke all kinds of records when it was released the Friday before NBA’s All-Star Weekend.

Since then, Drake has been a busy man. He signed on with Apple music, released the video for Energy and teamed up with Fader for an Sprite-sponsored exclusive interview.

Drake is making moves on and off the charts. And his business savvy is starting to show. Here’s our list of 10 times Drizzy raps about business or money on IYRTITL. We give each line either a thumbs up or thumbs down.

    1. “Everyday, I was strugglin’ to learn what life’s about / On my way, money taught me Spanish, make it andale”

👍 Money makes him take life by the horns and go for it.

    1. “I got money in the court so all my niggas are free / Bout to call yo ass a Uber, I got somewhere to be”

👍 Uber is a unicorn startup and a great way to send people safely home when you have something else to do.

    1. “Who yo wit? What you claim? / I was paying mama’s rent when I was turnin 17” later, we learn “I was on TV makin’ fifty racks a year / After helpin’ mama out the shit would disappear”

👍 $50K sounds like a lot of money. But as a yearly salary, it’s only enough to pay bills, not ball out.

    1. “I get boxes of free Jordans like I play for North Carolina / How much I make off the deal? How the f*ck should I know?”

👎 A Jordan sneaker deal with free perks is a great look, but you should always know how much you are making from a deal. You should know the terms of each deal you make like the back of your hand.

    1. “Shout goes out to Nike, checks all over me / I need a FuelBand just to see how long the run has been”

👍 The double entendre on checks is dope. Otherwise, this rhyme speaks for itself.

    1. “Man, that was when Ethan was pushin’ a Subaru hatchback / Man, I’m talkin’ way before hashtags”

👍 Hashtags were popularized by Twitter, another unicorn startup.

    1. “I got it rollin’ in all kinda ways, lump sum and residual, yeah / I mean we hear about the money you been getting, we just never see the visual”

👍 It is excellent to have diverse revenue streams. For instance, publishing money is residual. Touring money? That comes in a lump sum.

    1. “Brand new Beretta, can’t wait to let it go / Walk up in my label like, where the check though? / Yeah, I said it, wouldn’t dap you with the left ho”

👍 Even though Drake’s label has the family vibe, he still has to make sure he’s getting paid what he has earned according to the contract. (See #4 again.)

    1. “I be with the bands like a nigga went to Jackson State or Grambling / Young Nick Cannon with the snare drum, dancin’ / Watch the way I handle it, uh / … / With the bands like I must’ve went to Clark, went to Hampton I ain’t playin’ with it”

👍 The HBCU bands as a metaphor for money bands is highly likely to resonate with Drake’s core audience. Also, one of the schools mentioned is my (the author’s) alma mater. Salute!

    1. “I’m managed by my friends that I grew up with / I’d rather give that 15% to people I f*ck with”

👍 Artists managers usually make between 10-20% of their clients earnings as commission. As long as the person is qualified to do the job, keeping this money in the clique is smart.

What are some of your favorite lines from IYRTITL?


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