Joel Fuller, better known as 40oz Van, has become the go-to hat designer for rappers and athletes. In a stoop sit-down with Rap Radar the Bronx native discusses his rise to the top.

40ozvan-ny-balmain-snapbackAs with most new ventures 40oz Van did not receive major support from the beginning. But this worked to his advantage. His vision for high-end fashion fused with street-wear took off like a rocket after he invested in himself.

“Yo, if you not working with me and then you want to work with me after success, there’s no point in even hollering at me.”

While he did not complete college, 40oz picked up marketing cues from the one semester he attended. He also advises up-and-comers to learn from people who are doing what they want to do. Find out how 40oz makes $60,000 a month and his thoughts on working with friends by watching the video below.


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