business of battle rap

Battle rap is huge in hip-hop culture. But how often do you think of it as a business? And that’s just what it is, a business. MCs aren’t just battling for their health. They’re trying to get a bag for each performance. If they can’t get it on one stage, they’ll try another. Some MCs even take their talents from league to league looking for the biggest payday. This can have a negative effect on the league that first gave them shine.

One of the biggest names in battle rap is the Ultimate Rap League (the URL). The URL has had many MCs jump ship to other leagues for battles. How is this possible? It’s because the URL didn’t have exclusive contracts, making the battlers free agents. This is a major weakness for the URL. But they also have many strengths. We did a SWOT analysis on the URL as a business:

Battle Rap swot

We didn’t just stop there either. Seeing is believing sometimes; and hearing doesn’t hurt much either. Check out the video below for an explanation of each strength, weakness, opportunity and threat facing the URL.

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