As far as titles go, words just look so much better without vowels. Elliott Wilson is no stranger to this fact. He and his wife, Danyel Smith, just can’t leave the print game alone. Their latest effort in this arena is HRDCVR. It’s a Kickstarter funded book-shaped magazine that will cover culture and politics.

HRDCVR is a print publication because we believe print is still a powerful medium, and still hasn’t been pushed to its extreme. Part of this project is about developing a new aesthetic for print. A new vocabulary. We’re thinking about dry-transfer and dye-transfer. Emblems. Text as image. Sticker paper. Monumentality. Entire stories built in pull-quote. Wide-width satin ribbon bookmarks. Matte paper and glossy paper at the same damn time.

The duo has big plans for HRDCVR. But they had to adjust their approach. With Kickstarter, you set a dollar goal and ask people to pledge money toward it. If you don’t reach your goal, you don’t get any of the money. In their first attempt, Danyel and Elliott set a goal of $150,000. With 15 days left to go they had only received $12,065 in pledges. They were not going to meet their mark.

Instead of giving up, the veteran journalists relaunched the HRDCVR funding project earlier today. They set a lower, more reachable, goal of $30,000. As the day draws to a close, they’ve already received almost $7,000 in pledges. That means they’re almost 25% of the way towards their goal with a whopping 35 days left. Including today, if they have a week’s worth of days like this in the next month (7 x $7K = $49K), they’ll exceed their goal and keep the extra dough. They will have to narrow the scope of the project, but they’re still in the game.

Check out Elliott’s recent visit to the Hot 97 Morning Show below and show your support for the cause here.

What do you think of this hybrid book/magazine format? Does it have long-term potential?


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