Kanye west patent picKanye West is registering more than copyrights these days. The Chicago MC/producer is now the proud owner of a patent protecting the listening and viewing experience he debuted at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival screening of his film Cruel Summer. The above picture is one of 33 contained in the official patent. It depicts a theater or viewing area. The numbered locations indicate the placement of video screens and speakers. Below is the opening of the Background of the Invention and Disclosure:

The present invention relates to a multi-screen, video-immersive viewing and entertainment system and experience, intended for both theatrical and home use. The invention comprises the use of at least two screens, preferably at least four, and more preferably contemplates the use of seven or more video screens surrounding one or more viewers for a fully immersive, realistic and exhilarating cinematic viewing experience.

The ridiculously long patent can be found here. Apparently Google houses complete US patent information now. This is good to know. Patents seem to have gotten longer over the years (case in point). You see there, Kanye? If Einstein didn’t let any upturned noses stop him from venturing into fashion, neither should you!

A patent is a license that prevents others from making, using or selling an invention. This right is not forever. It is normally lasts 14-20 years. Inventors can earn money from their patents by selling products that use them. But most inventors would rather make many new things than run a single business. So they often license this right to others in exchange for royalty payments. The payments can be arranged as a percentage of net revenues or of each product sold.

The inventor can also sell the patent itself. Though, in this case, the number of years remaining on the patent will be factored into the price. 

Check out a 2008 video of Diddy describing his Glow in the Dark experience.

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