Kendrick Lamar is really picking up steam. He had a much talked about SNL performance of his first single, “i,” from his upcoming sophomore album. He’ll be covering the Winter 2014 issue of XXL (shown above). And now, K.Dot brings us new music with “Untitled.”

The jazz and rock-tinged performance marks the end of The Colbert Report. But it is a continuation of Kendrick’s socially aware lyrics. While giving a nod to Ylvis’ viral hit, Kendrick touches on the mindset different races have about wealth.

“Longevity’s in the dirt, buy some property first – Profit a better dollar with generational perks”

“Equity at its best – Really, you should invest – These tangible things expire, don’t you expect income with so much outcome and yes, look at my heritage we blessed”

“A piece of mines, that’s what the white man wanted when I rhyme, telling me that he selling me just for $10.99 – I go platinum for rapping, I do the company fine”

“You’re losing your core following, gaining it all – Put a price on my talent I hit the bank and withdraw… Put myself in a rocket ship and I shot for the stars”

“You’re profession anonymous as an artist; I don’t target your market – You’ll assign it your signature when I throw you my wallet”

“Lotta rappers are given a demo all in the toilet – World tour, your masters, market – I need ya”

Are you feeling Kendrick Lamar’s new song? What do the lyrics we called out mean to you?


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