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Kevin Liles stopped by the Juan Epstein podcast to celebrate Def Jam’s 30th anniversary. While there, he made sure to plug his latest venture, Go N’Syde beverages. The lemonade/ice-tea mixture comes in two flavors. 40/40 is based on Jay Z’s sports club of the same name. Butterfly is inspired by the “magic of Mariah Carey.” Both are 16 ounces and available at Walgreens and NY Metro area Duane Reade stores.

Go N'Syde

What makes this drink different from others is that it is interactive. Kevin Liles partnered with augmented reality company Trigger to bring a new twist to the beverage market. There is a Go N’Syde app you can download on your Android or iPhone. With the app, you scan the front of the bottle to see exclusive content. Right now you can unlock videos, photos and a sweepstakes. But Kevin sees the potential for an entire artist-controlled network. With the right amount of imagination, there is no limit to what this idea could turn into.

Listen to the music executive and author speak on the Go N’Syde product and his start at Def Jam below.

What kind of media would you like to unlock through this app?


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