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Boosie has been a busy man since his early release from prison in March of this year. He wrote over 1,000 songs while incarcerated along with a book and film script on his life. Now Bad Azz brings his fashion sense to the masses. Jewel House represents what is most important to Boosie. The line is named for his family, who are the “jewels in his life.”

Jewel House’s online store is currently taking orders. Men’s tees and women’s tank-tops are $35. Snap-back baseball caps are $32.  The full collection including jeans, jackets and accessories will be available in the fall. In the meantime, you can follow the brand on Instagram and Twitter.

“If you got love for family, you gon rock Jewel House.” – Boosie

Boosie did a limited edition collaboration with LRG upon his release. But this time around the New Orleans native is going into business for himself. Listen below to hear Boosie’s inspiration for his new venture.


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  • TiAna

    i love you boosie!

    • TiAna,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  • Shawn Dennysway Moffett

    You the best for making Jewel House and I want you to know me and my wife will be at your show in Milwaukee WI Jewel House down and all my rounds said they’ll do the same we L.S.B Love Stacking Bread and they call me Boosie so I’ve made it so I say I’m Boosie off two five not the Southside so I won’t be biting your name and I’m a big fan of you being a family man I got nine kids myself two sets of twins. I heard in a interview that if you seen us at the show with Jewel house on you would give our community free JewelHouse and I believe you too so I will be jewel house down till I die rip moo moo rip bleek and lil ivy free Busta and Jerome