soulja boy

Soulja Boy hops on Drake’s buzz single “0 to 100” and shares his take on the fast lane. He boasts on his recent success and vows to never slow down.

“I rock Louie V. sh*t I don’t rock Hillfiger – Hop up out the car I’m getting deals nigga”

“I be in my bag going crazy – one Maybach and two black Mercedes”

“SOD Rich Gang I feel like a mastermind – 23 million and I’m still climbin'”

“Drake got on ‘We Made It’ now my buzz going crazy – Nicki did ‘Yasss Bish’ my pockets lookin’ crazy”

“That nigga Stunna changed my life – I ain’t never gon’ forget this”

“I need my momma to have more money than me”


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