Brooklyn’s hometown hero Troy Ave grays out every color except gold and red for his “My Grind” video. The gritty track is from his New York City: The Album project. Troy raps about his current position in life and the mindset that got him there. He has been at it since 2009 and has steadily increased his fame. What sets Troy Ave apart from other New York rappers right now is his sound. He sticks to the boom-bap basics and skips the down-south lingo and flows.

“In life we go after what we want – or at least I do, ya heard?”

“Walk like it, talk like it – I don’t give a f*ck nigga,  New Yawk like it

 “I’m Troy Ave, get used to me”

“They sittin’, I’m sh*ttin’ – either way that’s stool”

“Oh no, my brutha, we are not the same”

Check out Troy Ave and the BSB Records crew’s latest visit to The Breakfast Club:


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