We first wrote about Nipsey Hussle last year when he sold his mixtape for $100. Now he’s using the same strategy for his album. There will be 100 hard copies of Mailbox Money priced at $1,000 each. Nipsey explained in a email to Rap Radar:

Ain’t no money like Mailbox Money. This project is about ownership. It’s about archiving what I set out to achieve. In my first single “Hussle In The house” I said, “fresh of the bloc I sold dope to buy groceries/now it’s rap money no advances all royalties”. This project is about seeing that vision thru.

It will be released for free, on iTunes and via the Proud2Pay platform we built with the release of Crenshaw. There will only be 100 hard copy’s and they are $1000 dollars each. The 100 people that buy the P2P version will be granted access to a private advance listening session of Victory Lap at the secret Marathon Store we are going to open the day of the listening! More news coming soon.

With love and respect,

Ermias “Nipsey Hussle” Asghedom

Nipsey’s fans are paying 10x more for a hard copy of the album than they did for the mixtape. But they will also get more access to the rapper in a listening session than they would in a crowd at a show.

Nipsey still has plenty to sell for $100 though. This is the price for VIP tickets to each stop on his 17-stop European tour. The VIP option will buy you access to his private soundcheck, a signed poster and more. You can purchase VIP and regular tickets through his iHussle website.

Mailbox Money goes on sale December 20th. Check out the first listen of “50 Niggaz” from the set:

Do you think Nipsey will sell the 100 copies?


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