Tanning of America

Part four of the VH1 docu-series, The Tanning of America, provides a summary of historic “tanning” moments from 2000-2014. It begins with the story of how Wendy Day found Eminem and created a platform for him.

“There were no barriers anymore. It was just about being talented. – Jonathan Shector

Steve Stoute calls Eminem the embodiment of tanning. His success on the music charts, box office and at the Oscars showed that hip hop mattered in the mainstream. The fashion world also took notice of the culture. Puff Daddy won awards and even had a ten page spread in Vogue magazine.

“They said the urban streetwear would last two summers. But urban IS culture right now.” – Jay Z

The power to move the masses soon took a political turn. The documentary ends on the historic election (and re-election) of Barack Obama. The hip hop community was a major supporter of Obama. While he’s a rock star all by himself, tanning helped to usher him into the white house.

“Hip hop has the ability to open many doors to many of the talents that may be hidden in side of you.” – Dr. Dre

Watch the story unfold for yourself below.

Do you think this video summed up tanning from 2000-2014?


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