Over swirly a Neptunes track, Twista raps about the desire for the finer things in life. He and Pharrell both touch on the temptation to make “quick money” in the streets. In the end, the message is to cook up, stretch out and flip the creative ideas you have instead of an illegal substance.

“Don’t worry, mane – you can get it, mane”

“If you look in the sky and you don’t see your dreams, man, don’t feel defeated cuz trust me you can build it

“Flippin’ work is just like flippin’ real estate – open your mind, you got more than the skill it take”

“You ain’t gon do it, it ain’t gon work it, you ain’t gon prove it – even though that hurt, I done skated past that”

“Make a virtual picture and spin around… Devil try to grab ya ankle, nigga, we kick him down”

“My nigga open your mind, aren’t you ready to go? All them ideas inside, let ’em blow like dro”

Twista’s 9th album The Dark Horse is in stores August 12th. Click here to check out the video for his single, “It’s Yours.”


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