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Nas has reportedly invested a six-figure sum into urban lifestyle magazine Mass Appeal. The Queens born rapper is best known for his thoughtfully poetic yet technically sophisticated street prose. And now he will extend his repertoire to include a publication that he feels captures the essence of Hip Hop.

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“Mass Appeal has a legacy and respect,” Nas told Forbes. “It already has a foundation … I just feel like I can add on because I can lend my kind of cultural expertise and my professional acumen, and develop the business.” Nas has not historically delved into many business projects. But he says of this moment, “I’m down the road now,” when considering a time he said to himself he’d be a businessman later on. The level of actual involvement the multi-platinum selling artist will have as Associate Publisher remains to be seen. But he is explicit on the role he will take if the magazine decides to do a follow up to his 2002 cover story: “If that happens, I don’t want to see it until it’s out… I won’t touch anything, they’re free to say whatever they want. They can say I’m a psychopath, they can say I’m a sweetheart … as long as it’s from their honest opinion, that’s all that matters to me.”

Mass Appeal began as a graffiti magazine in 1996 but has since evolved to a print and online presence with content spanning topics such as music, art, fashion, sports, and technology.


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