It seems hard to believe that Google was once just an idea, doesn’t it? But it was. Like all products and services that we consider to be just a fact of life, someone thought it up first. Someone saw a problem worth solving where no one else did. Someone thought that things could and should be easier.

I remember when I first heard of Google. It was circa 2000. I was a high school freshman¬†being assigned a research project in my English class. The days of using an encyclopedia (or any book) for projects like this were long gone. It was all about internet search. My teacher gave us wise advice: “Use Google.” But I had already set my mind on using MSN’s search feature. After all, it was connected right to my Hotmail e-mail account! But over the years I found out that Google was simply.. Better.

Click below to watch the story of how two Stanford doctorate students created the world’s most popular search engine.


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