Normally, a working title is used as a placeholder or to disguise the real nature of a project while it is still in the production stages. But Wale has dropped a few vowels from the phrase and stamped it on his new beanie line, Wrkng Title.

The premiere features five designs in a total of 16 colorways. Clocking in at $38 each, they are stylish as well as affordable. According to the company’s website this pricing was strategic:

While the pricepoint makes the line attainable and competitive with other brands in this category, Wrkng Title sets itself apart in the design, technique and the quality luxe wool blend of which the hats are knit. It is difficult to provide a product whose quality and style is on par with its designer counterparts but offered at a fraction of the cost, but we welcome the challenge.

Dubbed a Hip Hop Cash Prince by Forbes last year, Wale has been planning his hat line for a while now. And wisely so. He’s notorious for the uniquely fresh beanies and snapbacks he’s been donning since he burst onto the national scene in 2007 – they are a part of his aesthetic. The smart money is always on diversification. Wale knows this but is cautious of spreading his resources too thin too soon.

The collection is a strong and focused foray into the fashion world for Wale. It was timed to coincide with the release of his 3rd studio album, The Gifted. So far fans have shown a strong response via Twitter.

Life+Times revealed that veterans from Billionaire Boys Club and Donna Karen made contributions to the line.


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